Learning center

Expanded and renovated in 2017 on the ground floor, the Learning Center is much more than a library. On site, thousands of books and E-books, international journals, academic journals and multimedia resources are available to students, in the form of CDs, USB keys, in a pleasant setting, with individual workspaces and rooms. collaborative work, with Wi-Fi access and self-service PCs everywhere.

The Learning Center also functions as an online documentary portal, offering thousands of resources (e-books, articles, etc.) that can be consulted remotely (if necessary) as well as research and book reservation services. All the programs also have an «e-Learning» area accessible from the Internet.



The library is equipped with digital tools and WiFi access. The computers are equipped with applications chosen by the library: library, print media, audiovisual media, online resources as well as office software. The library is also equipped with a free-access photocopier. A manager is at your service for acquisitions of books, periodicals and databases.

SMART Co-working space

The university has its First Co-working smart place: Co-working room at its 4 sites
Welcome to the Mediterranean Family

  • CIO : Information and Orientation Center
  • Cci : Social Service and Financial Service

A university accessible with just one click

Accessible from the Internet thanks to a personal password, the virtual library concerns the majority of diploma programs and training.

From your home or any computer in the world, an online educational portal. You will have access to all the information and tools essential for your training, including lesson plans, downloadable documents, videos or discussion forums. It is also a space for reactivity where you can participate by posting an important file, for example

Catering and leisure area

A Restaurant is available on the premises of the university at the technological pole in Tunis.

Agreements with Restaurants and Sports Halls, Swimming Pools, and Recreation are signed by the University in Tunis and Nabeul.

Aussi Il existe de nombreux lieux de restauration : un Café -restaurant très fréquenté situé dans un quartier d’affaires avec un large choix d’entrées, de plats et de desserts à proximité du bâtiment de l’école. On peut se rendre aussi dans d’autres cafétérias et restaurants à proximité de l’école

Scholarships and free places and access from Terminale to our E-learning modules and on site

École Supérieure Privée des Sciences Juridiques, Economiques et Politiques

Fondée avec le Réseau Euro-méditerranéen pour l'Enseignement et la Recherche, REMEREG.

Diplômes Tunisiens agrées par l’Etat et des Co-diplômes avec Université de Cergy Pontoise, Polytechnique Nantes, REMEREG, etc sur ses sites Tunis et Nabeul.